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Carissa B. 12/19- 4/1/2020

"I started working with Kerri in Dec 2019. I had been suffering from major depression over the last 3 years that started taking a toll on my health. Not only did I put on a lot of weight but I suffered from chronic hives and most recently diagnosed with alopecia areata. Both of these conditions are autoimmune, so I knew my body was not happy with me. I daydreamed daily about becoming myself again but did not have the motivation to do it until...Kerri and I started working together. We set goals, Kerri made small steps for me weekly toward my goals, provided resources, and held me accountable. Kerri encouraged me throughout to stay on track. I am starting to feel like myself again. I’ve created healthy eating habits, started enjoying exercise and the outdoors again. I’m emerging from my depression and I can’t thank Kerri enough for all the support."

Sarah S.     3/2020
"Kerri was super approachable, and gave a variety of suggestions to help me attain my goals. I felt very comfortable expressing my opinion, as she was very open and positive. She is a life changer for sure!"