How COVID 19 Can Transform You into a New You

For many of us it has been difficult to wrap our heads around this virus, all of its implications and we usually focus on mostly the negative ones. Let’s take it a step further and use this experience to think of all the ways it can help you to transform who you are.

Although many people have been laid off or many are working from home, this has provided significant hardship for some so this may not seem the best time for transformation but I believe it certainly can be. When life gives us lemons we need to make lemonade. We now have the hours we were working or the hours we were commuting that we are filling with something. Why not dedicate the hours you now have toward physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Think about eating better, getting off the couch, turning off the TV and getting some exercise… exercise. It doesn’t have to be grueling, just get your body moving. There are apps out there like MyFitnessPal that will track your foods as well as calories burned and very importantly, the amount of water you are drinking. How about starting your day with some meditation? There are lots of apps out there for that as well. Think about getting yourself a new routine and fill it with healthy eating, exercise plus the other things that you have to complete during your day.

This virus has definitely made us all realize what we really “need” in life and what we do not “need.” This is a perfect time to really examine these and determine what is truly important and adds value to your life. Is it necessary to have a gym membership or have you been doing it at home? Is it necessary to eat out several times a week when you’ve been cooking probably healthier for yourself at home? Is it necessary to get your nails done every few weeks or have they been just fine? Take a few moments to take an inventory of your life. What was working well in your life before the virus? What was not working well in your life before the virus? What would you like instead? This is a “writer downer!” How can you go about getting what you would like instead. Really look deep and see how you can transform the parts of your life that weren’t working for you into a whole new healthier you!

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